Learner Permit Requirements in Ohio

Easy Steps For Obtaining Your Ohio's Driver's License

Nothing can be more exciting for a person than going for their driver's license. Being able to drive on your own provides independence and lets you be in charge. Imagine being able to drive yourself to a basketball game featuring the Cavaliers? Or, taking your friends to see the Ohio State Buckeyes play football?

Getting your very own license will also let you drive to the mall, movies or anywhere you want. Still, the entire process can often seem complicated and time-consuming. That's because before you can get your driver's license in the state of Ohio, there are several things you need to be aware of. However, getting your Ohio driver's license, doesn't have to be difficult.

This guide containing the steps for obtaining your Ohio's driver's license can make the entire process easy. It covers everything that you need to know and be aware of when it comes to the Ohio driving test, rules and requirements.

Five Steps To Getting Your Ohio Driver's License

As with everything else, there are a few steps you need to take before you can get your driver's license in the state of Ohio.

•    Register to begin using our online 4-hour Adult Abbreviated driving course.
•    Pass the online course with a minimum of 75%.
•    Complete the Behind-the-wheel portion of the procedure.
•    Return to the BMV for a second attempt at your driving test
•    Get your driver's license.


For anyone who is 18 years old or older and has failed their maneuverability or road test, this 4-hour Adult Abbreviated Online Course is a requirement before being able to obtain your first Ohio license. Our course consists of 6, fun and easy to follow, modules. The entire Ohio's Drivers Ed. course totals 4 hours of online classroom instruction. As regulated by the State, a student must take a break if he/she does 2 straight hours of online training. The online system is set up so you can log back in and continue with the course once you have taken that break. Aside from this break, a student can do an unlimited amount of course time per day.


Upon beginning again, you can continue right at the place you last left off. Each person will have up to three months to complete the entire course. Since our driving courses are so enjoyable and simple to follow, you will breeze right through them. Using a mixture of images, 3D animations, videos, pop-ups and text, makes the modules very entertaining. So much so, that you will forget that you are actually studying and learning.

Once you have complete the 4-hour online course, the next step is to practice your driving. You will have to enroll in a professional driving school that is State-certified. During this training, you will be required to accumulate 4 hours of behind-the-wheel driving. Before you enroll in these driving classes, be sure to bring your (Company name) completion certificate. 

If you do not wish to complete your 4-hours of practice with an instructor, you may also accumulate 24-hours of driving with a licensed driver (21 years old or older). Please note, you may not drive more than four hours per day. If this is the case, you will need to complete a Twenty-Four Hour Affidavit that must be signed and notarized at the end. 

Once you have received your certificates of completion for both the online course and the behind-the-wheel practice, you are now ready to attempt your BMV driving exam again. If ever you fail the second attempt, you may retake the exam without having to retake the online course; however, you must wait a minimum of seven days. 

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